The set of booklets, combined into a single publication, is provided to help users get answers to specific questions.

  • What is the extended background of the entire “Holocaust Wars Project”? (If you want me to believe you, tell me who you are!)  (Page 1)
  • What are the “real” wars involved in the Holocaust events?  (Page 9)
  • What are the underlying convictions and potential obstacles of suggested plans? (Page 22)
  • What are the various incentives to achieve successful Holocaust presentations? (Page 62)
  • What is the realistic assessment of PGC – The company targeted to implement the “defined mission”? (Page 81)
  • Having answered the previous questions, revisit the question “What are the Holocaust’s real wars , and further, what is so special about the centennial memorial?” (Page 105)
  • What are the execution plans for “Program 2035” and “Program JV”? (Page 115)
  • What about films? (Page 125)
  • What are candidate films based on flagship manuscripts? (Page 139)
  • What are specific products? (Page 157)


Single issue booklets that answer specific questions

Part A

  • What makes JS an angry man?
  • Some obvious questions about the holocaust.
  • PGC’s founders beliefs
  • Summaries of selected manuscripts from the Knowledgebase.

Part B

  • What was the crime?

Part C

  • What is Project Gideon Company?
  • What is known/unknown about the Holocaust?

Part D

  • What are the primary and companion manuscripts?

Part E

  • What is the Holocaust’s refuse?

Part F

  • What is the Knowledgebase history

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Righteous Among Nations

An honorific used by the State of Israel to describe non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis for altruistic reasons. As of 1 January 2021, the award has been made to 27,921 people. This Yad Vashem highlights that the table is not representative of the effort or proportion of Jews saved per country, and notes that these numbers “are not necessarily an indication of the actual number of rescuers in each country but reflect the cases that were made available to Yad Vashem.

Below is a partial list.

CountryNumber of awardsNotable recipients
 Poland7,177Jan KarskiMaria KotarbaIrena SendlerIrena Adamowicz
 Netherlands5,910Frits PhilipsJan Zwartendijk
 France4,150Anne BeaumanoirJeanne Brousse
 Ukraine2,673Klymentiy Sheptytsky
 Belgium1,774Queen Elisabeth of Belgium
 Lithuania918Ona Šimaitė
 Hungary876Endre SzervánszkySára Salkaházi
 Italy744Giorgio PerlascaGino BartaliGiuseppe GirottiOdoardo Focherini
 Germany641Oskar SchindlerWilm HosenfeldHans von DohnanyiBernhard Lichtenberg

A complete list can be found at this Wikipedia article.


The following questions are answered by the booklets. There may not be a one-to-one correspondence to the titles of the booklets, however we believe that the user will have no trouble connecting the questions to the answers.

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The Iran Deal

Due to the timely considerations of re-signing the Iran Deal by the Biden administration. We provide an expanded critique by the New York Times and the Jewish Journal in The Opinion Book Volume 2 which deals with a wide panoramic view of the Middle East. We urge the reader who is interested to access the Holocausts Wars Opinions and Critiques Volume 2.

Although the author’s critiques were generated several years ago they are still valid.