Psychiatry and the Holocaust

At The Project Gideon Company it is our opinion that the role of the psychiatric industry has long been misunderstood and underrated as one of the root causes of the Holocaust.

Some Quotes

From the website of the German psychiatric association.

Without the initiative and support of psychiatrists and other doctors, the national socialist „euthanasia“ programme could not have been implemented.”

 *German Association for Psychiatry,Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

  -DGPPN Website

In 2010, Schneider, then president of the DGPPN*, formally asked the victims of the Nazi era and their families for “forgiveness for the pain and injustice [they] suffered in the name of German psychiatry and at the hands of German psychiatrists under National Socialism, and for the silence, trivialization, and denial that for far too long characterized psychiatry in post-war Germany.

Investigative journalist Victor H. Bernstein stated: “I am sure that Prof. Rüdin never so much as killed a fly in his 74 years. I am also sure he is one of the most evil men in Germany.”