The set of booklets, combined into a single publication, is provided to help users get answers to specific questions.

  • What is the extended background of the entire “Holocaust Wars Project”? (If you want me to believe you, tell me who you are!)  (Page 1)
  • What are the “real” wars involved in the Holocaust events?  (Page 9)
  • What are the underlying convictions and potential obstacles of suggested plans? (Page 22)
  • What are the various incentives to achieve successful Holocaust presentations? (Page 62)
  • What is the realistic assessment of PGC – The company targeted to implement the “defined mission”? (Page 81)
  • Having answered the previous questions, revisit the question “What are the Holocaust’s real wars , and further, what is so special about the centennial memorial?” (Page 105)
  • What are the execution plans for “Program 2035” and “Program JV”? (Page 115)
  • What about films? (Page 125)
  • What are candidate films based on flagship manuscripts? (Page 139)
  • What are specific products? (Page 157)