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A Holocaust survivor, he emerged from a war ravaged Europe, emigrated to Israel, became a paratroop officer and then came to America.

In America he taught in the fledging field of Computer Science and then created a number of innovative solutions to difficult problems and eventually became CEO of high-tech companies that he founded.

  • Became a Professor of Operations Research (1966)
  • I was founder and CEO of high-tech companies based on patented technologies invented by me and my staffs.  The projects served ADP, Air Force, American Express, AT&T, Burroughs, CBS, Citibank, Exxon, IBM, Siemens (and others)
  • Spent nearly seven years in the post-Gorbachev empire working on major Russian communication and resource companies with detours to Ukraine and Bulgaria.

I was a Senior Consultant to the Defense Enterprise Fund (part of Global Partners Ventures, supported by the U.S. Congress)

Married Christina Troller – the daughter of a world class German Scientist.  She converted to Judaism and her father disinherited her. 

She is a highly regarded information scientist.  She held important positions at GE’s Nuclear Production Operations in Hanford and nuclear research at Knolls Atomic.  She held management positions at CBS and Sternberg’s technology companies.

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Jacob Gostl

Before becoming one of the founders of The Project Gideon Company, Mr. Gostl was Vice-President and co-founder of a software integration firm, with offices in Manhattan and Baltimore. In his 30 years with the company, Mr. Gostl either developed or managed the development of new and specialized software for industries as diverse as financial, health care, fashion, media and food. His involvement in projects runs from systems for mass producing graphs for technical and fundamental stock analysis, a screening system for automated stock selection, medical modeling of fluid transfer between the blood stream and the kidneys, collection and approval of payroll data for both a U.S. government defense contractor and a Fortune 500 company, biometric signature identification software (for deployment at nuclear weapons storage facilities), and programs to generate customized dress patterns for women on a commercial scale, along with companion software to provide billing and invoicing information.

Amongst the early users of the burgeoning field of “super-minis”, Mr. Gostl developed some techniques of memory and storage management that are now industry standards.

Jack Gostl was president of the Forest Hills Jewish Center from 2014-2017 and has been a member of the FHJC Board of Trustees since 2002. He served a term as vice-president in which he was responsible for the building infrastructure during which he undertook major improvements to the building’s heating, lighting, and security.

He is a director of The Forest Hills Jewish Center endowment fund.

In 2005 he was cofounder of The Guardian Project. The Guardian Project is a private, not-for-profit 401c3 corporation established to help secure and safeguard victims of rape, domestic violence, and other violent crimes. Its mission is to provide security and surveillance devices, such as gates, locks, video surveillance and cameras, free of charge, to qualified individuals, agencies, safe-houses, and shelters.

Jack was born in Manhattan, grew up in the Bronx and attended the Bronx High School of Science. He graduated from the NYU School of Engineering with a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Electrical Engineering. After spending several years teaching at the Polytechnic Institute of New York, Jack co-founded ARGOS Computer Systems. In 2004, he founded TransVirtual Systems and in 2008 he founded Trusted Data Solutions. He has also published technical papers in several computer industry journals.

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